Resources We Think You'll Like

Department of Sanitation’s helpful website about recycling in New York
The Council on the Environment of NYC
Non-profit devoted to improving New York City's environment
Lower East Side Ecology Center
Sustainability organization with excellent composting, recycling and education programs
Great website for locating recycling centers and sustainability resources
The Freecycle Network
A grassroots and nonprofit movement of people who are giving & getting stuff for free
TerraCycle Inc
Products made entirely from garbage. Sign up for free and collect waste for money
Materials for the Arts
Gathers materials from companies and individuals to redistribute to artists and educators
SHHHH Salvage Projects
Theater, film and Fashion Materials salvaged, reclaimed and repurposed
Build it Green! NYC
New York City's only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials
Facilitates job training, environmental steward-ship, and everyday bicycle use.
Ink cartridge and toner recycling
Steel Recycling Institute
Promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products
Collective Good
Cell phone recycling

Good to Know:
The Story of Stuff
A 20-minute animation of consumer society narrated by Annie Leonard
Garbage Patch
Explore this website to learn more about how plastic is trashing our oceans
The Container Recycling Institute
Lots of statistics, plus a running count of the number of bottles discarded so far this year
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Online carbon calculator with “shrink your carbon footprint” games
A comprehensive media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability
350 org
An international campaign to find solutions to the climate crisis
Oceans Alert
Working to restore the health of oceans and waterways with a focus on reducing mercury.
Helping NYC small building owners and residents use sustainable building methods and materials
Greener World Media
Media company providing businesses with the resources to combine environmental responsibility with profitability
Enviro news, commentary and tips
Barnard Eco Reps
A list of eco-friendly activities and resources in NYC, compiled by the Barnard EcoReps.
Film about dumping electronic waste in developing countries and e-waste certification

Cool and Inspiring:
Chris Jordan
Artist whose photographs expose the accumulated detritus of our consumption
Bryant Holsenbeck 
Artist who creates art from the stuff we throw away
The Plastiki Expedition
A team sails across the pacific in a 60-foot catamaran made from reclaimed plastic bottles
Rock the Bike
Bike inventors and advocates creatively expanding the love of bikes to broader culture
Plastic Bag Crafts
Cool things to make with plastic bags
Human powered pull-cord generators
Wallet Buddy
A handy reminder to have when you buy things
Bash the Trash
Raising environmental awareness through music, visual art, storytelling, theater and dance.
Green Guerillas
Helping people cultivate community gardens as expressions of art, ecology and culture.
Dress for Success
Provides disadvantaged women with donated professional attire and career support
Leila Darabi and Victor Bernhardtz
A blog that examines the art and politics of the world through the lens of garbage.
Gotham Gazette Garbage Game
A fun interactive garbage game from the online news source published by Citizens Union

Our Lady of Detritus Friends and Partners:
Earth Matter NY, Inc.
Advancing the art, science, and application of composting in and around NYC- Performed compost demonstrations at Our Lady of Detritus Performances
Solar One
NYC’s first solar-powered “Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center”- site of the first four performances of OLD, provided assistance in construction of the solar umbrella
David Gibbs
Engineer, designer and adventurer- constructed the solar umbrella for OLD
PowerFilm Solar
Developer and manufacturer of the thin, flexible solar panels used on the umbrella
Holland Hopson
Electro-acoustic computer musician- assisted in construction of the 6-channel speaker
Scott Smallwood
Composer, Sound Artist, Musician- consulted in construction of the 6-channel speaker
Haley Trikes
Reasonably priced, durable urban cargo tricycles- constructed the OLD cargo trike
Zuzka Kurtz
Artist who designed costumes made from found materials for Our Lady of Detritus
Peter Shapiro
Video artist for Our Lady of Detritus